Culture is primarily shaped by the Human capital present in the organization.It is depicted by their Values, Beliefs, Behaviour, Attitude & Personality of the human capital present in the organization.It acts as the catalyst towards the success of the organization. We constantly focus on recruiting efficient employees who will lead the organization towards glory.Our Work Management System is a blend of Decentralisation as well as centralization. We constantly focus on empowering the employees and make them more efficient. We have been arranging many training programs by the name of, LEAP, to increase their productivity. Discipline and Time Management is the essence of our workplace. Passion, Growth, Innovation, Communication, Transparency, Teamwork are the driving factors of our organization. Promoting a feeling of oneness in the employees towards the organization is our goal as this will give them contentment, bring unity and trust towards its management as well as the organization.This we achieve by providing incentives, appreciation for their work. Here employees are judged only by their work.All personal relationships take a backseat here. Culture is always a work in progress. it is constantly evolving and will continue to do so as we humans have been evolving with the passage of time.

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