Ropes Used in Bicycle instead of traditional chain and pulley method

Published On:Apr 17,2018

StringBike is a Hungarian company that has developed a bicycle that uses a rope and pulley drive system instead of a traditional bicycle chain. In the stringBike,the ropes are used on a bicycle instead of the chain and pulley method.Instead of being propelled by the traditional chain system, it is moved forward by the help of ropes and pulley system.Now the ropes are used in every sphere of life. Now bid farewell to the greasy chains and that chirping noise and welcome the fashionistas technology.Azuka is the leading manufacturer of Ropes, Twines and Nets in India and worldwide.
Ropes in bicycle
  • It is a clean quiet and a graceful vehicle
  • The friction loss is minimal due to pure rolling motion used in it
  • Symmetrical and balanced transmission.
  • Low maintenance
  • High durability
  • Enhanced pedalling Experience
  • there are 19 gears 
  • The strings transfer the leg power to the rear wheel in a smooth way.
  • The string bike uses a 19 gear ratio system.
  • The Gears range varies from 3.5 to 1.
  • The string is UV resistant and water resistant too.
  • String drive has enhanced the bicycling experience making it safer smoother and an efficient drive.
  • The ‘string’ is made of a high-density polyethene cord (HDPE)
  • The string does not slip when wet.

Azuka offers high-quality ropes by the use of the premium quality raw material.We are synonymous with quality.At Azuka, quality is never compromised.